About Us

Bookware Publishing Corporation (“Bookware”) was established in February of 1992 by three friends who saw the strong market potential for Tagalog Romance novels in “easy to read” pocket book format. At that time, there were few publishers who ventured in this genre and most of the novels in the market were limited to those that are relatively thick in volume, featuring heavy romance themes, and written in serious prose mostly by veteran novelists of the period. The pocket books were almost exclusively retailed by the National Bookstore chain with some volumes finding their way to the provinces through the efforts of provincial distributors.

The overwhelming demand of readers for a better Tagalog pocketbook was fulfilled when Bookware Publishing Corporation introduced My Special Valentine to the market in 1992. Written by a cast of young novelists, MSV features romance that goes with the timeless sentiments of every woman.

Focused on its target market, My Special Valentine has been the undisputed leader from its inception in 1992. Today, it is the romance paperback preferred by the large majority of Filipino women.

My Special Valentine is target at the new breed of Filipino women who are young, informed, productive, independent, pro-active and aware of issues and trends in their daily lives.

My Special Valentine remains committed to this new breed of Filipino women and will continue to be the leader in its market.

Bookware, despite the impact of the various economic and fiscal crises that affected the country in recent times, endeavored to maintain its price points at levels that are affordable to greater segment of its target market- the C, D, and E income groups.

At present, My Special Valentine novels are retailed at P39.75 and the distributors discount is dependent on the volume of their purchase.

Meet The Production Staff

Ellen S. Lambinicio, Editor
Ellen is the Senior Editor of My Special Valentine Tagalog Romance. She has more than 15 years of experience in the field of Tagalog Romance publishing.

Ellen lives in Marikina with her family and her matronang doggie, Nikki.

Malou Medina, Editor
Malou is an Editor at Bookware Publishing Corp. She is also a freelance writer and has written several Tagalog Romance stories for My Special Valentine under the pennames Victoria Chua and Raya Manlapaz.

Malou loves to travel and hopes to write and publish a travel book someday.

Jamie-Lani Solidum, Creative Designer
Jill is the creative genius behind all the book covers published by Bookware Publishing Corp. She is also the webmaster of Bookware’s website.

Jill loves all things Apple, Inc. and all things Japanice. She also loves video games and has quite a few video game “boyfriends” (Jacob Frye of Assassin’s Creed and Fenris of Dragon Age 2 to name a few).

Apple Masallo, Assistant Editor
Apple is the youngest editor of My Special Valentine. She is also a writer with more than ten published Tagalog Romance books under her belt. She also authored a self-help book on writing Tagalog Romance also published by Bookware.

Apple is active on Twitter and uses the handle @applemasallo.

Elvie Camo, Editor
Elvie works as freelance editor and writer for Bookware. She currently lives in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

Elvie loves collecting language books and old English paperbacks. In an alternate universe, she is married to Matt Bomer and they have five blue-eyed children.