Toddler Coloring Book 2



DUYAN Coloring books are well-designed, well-crafted, and captivating supplementary learning materials that cater to your children’s newly found interest in using their bare, tiny, and young hands. The illustrations are made simple, yet catchy and trendy. The sketches gradually become a little bit complicated as your children develop their fine motor skills. The activities also encourage them to look at things positively, making their kiddie world more colorful and beautiful.

These books will surely develop their handwriting, color recognition, learning focus, self-expression, and creativity. It can also increase their patience, teach them to take care of the environment, and cultivate their personal neatness, confidence, love of peace and freedom and other core values inherent to their being global children as they establish more harmonious relationships with their family and peers.

Book size: 8″x10.5″

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