Moonlight and Harmonica



Love Instruments 3

By Doreen Laroya

     “We can make this last, Sasha. Please give us a try,” pakiusap niya.
     Pero marahan siyang itinulak ng dalaga. “Caleb, no. Ito lang ang kaya kong ibigay sa ’yo. You can have me whenever you want, but it will only be sex. Don’t make it into anything that it’s not.”
     If he were a lesser man, he will accept her proposal happily. Sinong lalaki ang tatanggi sa isang physical relationship na walang commitment? But for the first time in his life, he wanted to commit. He wanted to settle down.
     After years of wandering, Caleb finally found a woman he couldn’t live without. She wanted him, too, but not enough to want a life with him.

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